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Messenger Marketing will change how you do business

Looking to get more customers into your store? Sell more products or services? Messenger Marketing is about to blow your mind.

The OLD Way

The traditional way of doing things, sending out emails and posting to Facebook, is fine. You may still get some customers.

But why settle for only 20-30% of your potential? Email and Facebook posts reach only 20-30% of intended recipients. There is a serious problem when 70-80% of your target audience is not even SEEING your message!

The BEST Way

Messenger Marketing uses Facebook Messenger to grow a list of customers and market to them. On average we see 70-90% open rates.

That means a list of 1000 customers reaches 700-900, instead of 200-300. You just tripled your list, without optimizing anything else. You will definitely get MORE customers based on numbers alone.